2014 New Years Resolutions

I like the new year. A fresh start, a chance to try something new, or to improve on something in the past. And I like lists. So, this year, feeling adventurous, I thought I would put those things together in a fun way. Here is my A-Z of what I would like to accomplish this year. It sounds like a lot, but I think they are all fairly reasonable to accomplish over 365 days. I will do a monthly follow up and let you know how I am coming along, but here’s where the master list will exist.

A – Read 1 autobiography.
B – Create a travel bucket list.
C – Read 1 classic novel this year.
D – Post to my blog, in some way, on a daily basis.
E – Increase my education by taking a course in something this year.
F – I don’t know how to cook fish. This year, I will learn how.
G – Learn how to cook a Greek dish.
H – Watch 5 movies set in a place beginning with H.
I – Learn to cook an Indian dish.
J – My grandad kept a journal while in Europe after WWII. I have not read it, as each attempt makes me cry because I miss him. This year, I want to read the entire journal, tears and all.
K – Karaoke. It’s been years since I did it, so this year, I want to try it again.
L – I want to learn a new language this year.
M – I want to read 1 mystery novel.
N – I will rent a tripod and take some interesting night photos, using techniques I learnt in a class a few years ago.
O – Listen to an opera from beginning to end.
P – Write and publish 1 poem on my blog.
Q – Post a quote once a month that made me think, inspired me, made me laugh, or….
R – Read 5 books that have been recommended to me.
S – Choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator 10 times this year.
T – Learn to cook a proper tagine this year.
U – Alphabet photography – take 5 photos that can be used for U.
V – Vancouver may be my hometown, but I know little about it. Learn 10 facts about Vancouver.
W – Walk. Walk more. Complete a 10 km walk (official or unofficial).
X – Read a full series by AleXander Mccall Smith.
Y – Watch 5 movies set in places ending in Y.
Z – Visit a zoo this year. Bonus points if I see a zebra!

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