Thoughts on a Thursday: Resolution Roundup

It’s been a couple months since I checked in on my resolutions. Here’s the update for March, April, and May. Where does the time go??

D – Post to my blog, in some way, on a daily basis.

It’s the end of May and I have been able to keep up on this. As someone who often loses interest part way through, this is a huge accomplishment for me!

E – Increase my education by taking a course in something this year.

I am on the last week of a TEFL course. And am looking at other courses for the summer and autumn. I am a perpetual student!

F – I don’t know how to cook fish. This year, I will learn how.

I cooked a salmon last night. It wasn’t half bad.

Q – Post a quote once a month that made me think, inspired me, made me laugh, or….

I come across so many, it’s hard to not post these all the time! But, I have managed at least one a month.

S – Choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator 10 times this year.

Have done this many more than 10 times. I am keeping it up, just because it’s good for me and I have the time.

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