Bom Jesus

Tired of all the rain, my fellow Canuck and I decided we would just need to get out or we would miss Bom Jesus. We grabbed our raincoats, umbrellas, and bundled up.

Only fifteen minutes from Braga by bus, Bom Jesus de Monte is a chapel at the top of a steep hill, built almost 300 years ago, although chapels have been here since the 1300’s.

We jumped on the funicular.


And after a few minutes, we ran through the rain to the church.


And tried to dry off inside before mass began.





After awhile, we wrapped up and headed outside to catch views down the hill.


We walked down thhe hundreds of steps, pausing to laugh at the fountains and take in the foggy view of Braga.



Eventually we made it to the bottom, soaked through, and without falling down all the stairs. We looked back up and caught the view we had waited for.



Wind, rain, fog… No matter for these hearty Canucks.


2 thoughts on “Bom Jesus

  1. Beautiful Born Jesus! Ok..the nostril fountain had me burst out laughing…I may have snorted over its unfourtunate placement, and the landscaping leaves much to be desired, but that final view. wow.
    Thx for sharing ❤

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