Today’s #FriFotos theme is #2013best – your best photos of 2013. I took lots of photos this year, and love a lot of them, so it’s hard to narrow. None of these shots immediately came to mind, but as I looked at all my photos, their stories popped out to me. Here are my top five.

1. The Peace Bridge in Derry, Northern Ireland
I chose this shot because it reminded me of one of the best times I had this year. The light was great, it’s one of my favourite places, and I was sharing it with a good friend. As well, the shot came out the way I envisioned when I took it.

2. Kayaker in Portrush, Northern Ireland


I took lots of great beach shots in Portrush, and could have used any of them. But I love this one. Despite the cold weather, there were lots of surfers in the water. This guy had a kayak, and found a quiet spot to paddle.

3. London Underground, UK

Thanks to London Walks, I discovered this little used corridor on the underground (at Embankment). It’s filled with great art, and it is here that you can hear Oswald Laurence tell you to “mind the gap.”

4. Looking to Scotland

I travelled with a friend to Northern Ireland, and as we walked along the Causeway coastline, we would stop and admire the view. On this clear day, at times, we could see to Scotland. I caught a shot of my friend enjoying where she was while pondering what lies in the distance, something we should all do from time to time.

5. Nelson Mandela

I was in London when Nelson Mandela passed. I was lucky enough to wander the city, visiting his statue, see South Africa house, and witness all the flags at half mast. But, the image that struck me the most? Taking the tube in the morning and seeing a newspaper as pristine as it was when it was printed. The tube is usually littered with rumpled papers, never with a pristine copy. And this wasn’t the only one.

4 thoughts on “#FriFotos

  1. Your shot of the Peace Bridge brought tears to my eyes immediately – what a great night to get that shot on camera. I love your Mandela. I made the top 5?! That was probably my best moment in 2013.

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