Heading to Doolin

After a relaxing morning walk, I packed my bags and headed down to the dock to catch the ferry to Doolin. It was hard to say goodbye to such a beautiful place:

I love ferries and being on the water, so I was excited that we would stop at the other 2 islands (Inishmaan, Inisheer ) that make up the Aran Islands.

Doolin (49)

Doolin (51)

Then it was off to Doolin, a town of about 500 people in County Clare on the west of Ireland, near the Cliffs of Moher.

Doolin (69)

Doolin (71)

After docking at the harbour, I walked up the hill, past the golf course and stopped at this beautiful view to just take it in:

Doolin (73)

Doolin (80)

Through the village and to my hostel.

Doolin (83)

Yep, this beautiful cottage is a hostel – and is one of the nicest places I stayed on my travels.

I was warmly welcomed by Karl, who runs the place, quickly dropped my gear in my room , and went for a walk to check out this little town.

I wandered in and out of shops, mingled with tourists, grabbed some groceries, and patiently waited outside a second hand bookstore (it was locked for 5 minutes while the owner did her weekly banking – the bank / van only comes to town for 15 minutes, once a week).

The tour buses began leaving, the town quieted down. I headed back to the hostel to make dinner and meet some folks at the hostel. After dinner, Moira and I head to McDermott’s, a local pub, to check out the music. It was pretty quiet on this Thursday night, so we headed across the street to McGann’s. Here we met up with some other people at our hostel, listened to some great music, and enjoyed the packed atmosphere. A brilliant end to another great day in Ireland.

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