Inverness: City of the Highlands

I woke up to sun coming through the window and the smell of the rainstorm that had just left. I grabbed a quick shower, some coffee and just hung out outside on the patio at the hostel for a bit, waking up and taking it all in. I love the smell of the rain, and the way it washes away everything dirty and makes it clean again. I was refreshed and inspired to wander through this Highland city.

Turns out McDonald’s has free wifi, so I succumbed and headed there to listen to some old 80’s tunes that they were playing, and catch up on some emails. After that, I headed to the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery (IMAG). I love that museums are free here (donations accepted gratefully). It means that anyone can learn, appreciate and discover the art and artifacts of this country. What a great thing!

The IMAG had a really great display of the history of the Highlands. From clothing, to weapons, to languages, stones, and jewelry, it was well laid out and very informative. I spent over an hour there just learning the history of the Highlands.

In addition, it had a small section of competition winners. Every year, high school kids submit photos and they best are chosen in various categories. These photos were stunning! The talent in these 14 – 17 year olds was amazing and I would love to have seen more. Alas, it was a small room and only about 30 photos in total. But great stuff.

After the IMAG, I wandered along the river and came upon a small boat tour that was leaving in a few minutes to head out to the Moray Firth to see if they could spot any dolphins. And some sightseeing of the area as well. So, I quickly jumped on board.

Trip on Moray Firth, Inverness

Trip on Moray Firth, Inverness

Check out this garden – how well done is that?

Trip on Moray Firth, Inverness

There were no dolphins this time round, but we saw the battlefields, Cawdor Castle, and spent about 90 minutes just touring around. Since I love boats and water, it was not a waste for me. Felt great just to be on the water with the wind all around, the sun shining, and just being on holidays.

On the way back to the hostel, I stopped in at the castle for some shots and views of the river. You can’t go in the castle. Well, you can, but since it’s the local court house, I tried not to get sent there.

Inverness Castle

view from Inverness Castle

view from Inverness Castle

A relaxing picnic on the lawn was the way to end this great day in Inverness.

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