Back to the Mainland

Although I enjoyed the beauty of the last few days, it was time to move on to another spot. This time, I was headed to Inverness, which is the city in the Highlands. I grabbed an early bus, which would take me all the way there. No trains or ferries on this round.

Heading over the bridge from the island to the mainland, we saw another rainbow. A perfect way to say goodbye.

Bus Portree to Inverness

Bus Portree to Inverness

The bus ride through to Inverness is stunning. You are in right in the middle of the highlands, and along the loch as well. Windy, twisty roads, stunning scenery…. You just can’t get tired of how beautiful this country is. It’s hard to take a lot of photos from the bus, so I just sat back and enjoyed it. But here’s one that turned out ok.

Bus Portree to Inverness151

I arrived after a few hours in Inverness (Inbhir Nis), on the east coast of Scotland. I found my way to the hostel, which was opposite the castle. In fact, the view from my room overlooked the river and the castle. Not too shabby.

view from Inverness Castle

view from Inverness Castle

view from Inverness Castle

I then headed to the Tourist Information, located on the second floor in a downtown building, with a great view:


I wandered around the city for the afternoon and just found out where everything was, including this great secondhand bookstore (Leakey’s). Two full levels of books in an old building. And there was even a café. It was just too perfect. I spent a little bit of time, but no money.

Inverness is a pretty small city, so I was able to cover a lot of ground in a fairly short amount of time. The city is divided by the River Ness, which flows from Loch Ness out to the Moray Firth.


I had dinner, then settled into the hostel to just hang out, since it had become cold and wet outside; the first really cold night in Scotland so far that I didn’t want to venture out into. We kept the window open in our room that night and you could hear the wind howling and the rain pelting all night long. I love a great summer storm, where you can curl up and everything smells fresh.

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