Off to the Hebrides

Getting up early, and feeling stuffed up, I headed out for the first train to Mallaig. Brilliant plan. There was almost no one on the train and I had tons of room to myself to enjoy this scenic hour long route. This is the last of the West Highland Way (the first being the route I took from Glasgow to Fort William), and is spectacular. It’s hard to take shots through the window, and so I only took a few and just decided to enjoy it instead.

train fort william - mallaig

This is the journey that take you over the Glenfinnian Viaduct – which will be forever know as the “Harry Potter Viaduct” as seen in the movies. The train actually stops for about 5 minutes to allow people to take photos. I wasn’t getting any good ones, and then decided that if I stuck my camera out the tiny window at the top, I might have luck. Lots of pictures were taken and this is one of my favourite:

train fort william - mallaig

The train ended in Mallaig, and I caught the ferry to Armadale, on the Isle of Skye. Then, grabbed the bus, which slowly made it’s way through this amazing island to Portree, a little harbour town on the middle of the east coast. With about 9000 people, it’s the biggest town on the island.

Here’s the view from across the road at the hostel I stayed at:



Up the hill and over, you come to the harbour:



It was relaxing and cosy. I walked around, since I had been sitting for a good chunk of the day, hung out with new dormmates, and just took it easy. Slow Scotland had taken over.

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