Hanging out in Fort William

Owing to being out late the night before, I slept in a bit and lazily got out of bed at 9 am. Yep, that’s late these days… people start getting up by 7 am and with the rustling of bags, the opening and closing of doors, etc, usually you start getting up as well. Plus, no one wants to have that last shower and chance having no hot water!

I decided that since the weather was being cooperative, I would head out and spend the day walking around. I took a walk along the road towards Spean Bridge for a couple hours, just wandering along, enjoying the scenery and being alone with my thoughts, while enjoying some sun.

walking to spean bridge

Ft. William (48)Ft. William (50)

After awhile, I turned around, walked part way back, then veered off to Inverlochy Castle. Just the structure of the castle exists now, and it’s not very large, but it is well placed on the river, and you can see how historically it would have been a strategic castle.

Inverlochy Castle
Inverlochy Castle

I then headed towards the last part of the Great Glen Way. This 73 mile walk starts in Inverness, goes along the Lochs and ends up in Fort William.

Inverlochy Castle
Inverlochy Castle

Ft. William (103)

When I arrived in town, I was hungry and decided to stop in a pub for a quick bite to eat. Before I could even ask for a menu, some kind NevisPort locals asked me to join them at the bar. I spent a couple hours listening to their funny jokes, their not so funny jokes (you know who you are!), their tales of travel and just generally having a great time getting to know some new people. Scottish hospitality is alive and well, and I am grateful to have stepped in to the right time and right place and so quickly and kindly been offered it. I hope I left a good impression of Canadians as well. I wish I had remembered to take out my camera and take photos for all of you, and for myself when I get old and lose my memory (any day now, folks, any day now) but alas, I forgot. However, each person is etched in my memory with a smiling face and a kind word.

I headed back to the hostel to just hang out with the people in my dorm for a bit, then off to bed to try and combat the cold that was beginning to take host in my body. Didn’t want to be so sick that I missed out on the next few days.

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