Fort William, Scotland

Another late night and early morning – but I needed to have some quiet to start my day after the not so quiet start the day before. So, I got up early enough to just grab coffee and wander the streets on a quiet Sunday. I found a bench and began reading about my destination of the day… noticing I had a map, a guy sat beside me, asked where I was from and we began to just chat. I love that about the Scottish – they just strike up a conversation at anytime, in anyplace, with anyone. It was a great way to start the day – I love those random chats with strangers about life and interesting topics that you just get right into. Just what I needed to remind myself that I was on holidays.

I had been looking forward to the train journey along the West Highland Railway for awhile – this is supposed to be one of the most scenic journeys you can take. And I wasn’t disappointed. But you will be – my camera had run out of battery, I hadn’t paid attention, and alas, I have no photos. None. At all. Thankfully, I have my memory. Which helps none of you, but wow! 4 hours of beautiful scenery. And without a camera, I decided that the fates meant for me just to relax and enjoy it all. So I did!

I arrived in the early afternoon in Fort William, a cool little place in the highlands and situated near Ben Nevis – the highest mountain in Scotland.

Here’s the view from the park right near the hostel I stayed at. This is looking towards the town.

Ft. William (2)

I made my way down to the high street to grab some food, but got distracted by the beauty and wandered along the harbour instead.

Ft. William (26)

I finally managed to tear myself away and grabbed a quick dinner. Then it was back to the hostel, and a crew was just going out for the night. So, I jumped on board and hung out with some fellow Canucks, some Germans and some Scots for some fun. Eventually, I packed it in so that I could get up and have a full day the next day.

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