London on a Sunday

Having had no real sleep, I decided the best thing to do was to just get up early and try to avoid jet lag and tire myself out enough to pass out and ignore everyone else in the room.

While London is buzzing and busy on Saturday night, at 7 am on a Sunday, it is dead. Quiet. Just the garbage collectors, a few joggers and those making their way home from a night out. The only crowd I came across was a large group of people serving breakfast to the homeless (and by serving breakfast I mean not just a little bit, but really big portions that would see them through lunch as well – it was really encouraging to see).

Grabbing a coffee, I headed back to Trafalgar Square – a chance to take some more photos, without people in them. I may never be up again this early and had to take advantage. I promise, I didn’t photoshop people out… they just weren’t there. It was great.

Trafalgar Square on a sunday morning


I decided to wander through the park while there was no rain and just a few joggers and early morning tourists.

Lazy Sunday at St. James Park

 A  quick trip to the Canada Memorial in Green Park, near Canada Gate and Buckingham Palace. The Memorial was designed by Pierre Granche, and erected in 1994 to honour the  thousands of members of the Canadian forces killed in both WWI and WWII.

canada memorial - green park canada memorial in green park


Then it was off to visit a friend for the afternoon, and a visit back to the old neighbourhood of Hammersmith. No photos of interest, but it was great to go and see the old ‘hood. Brought back lots of memories.

After all that walking, I had giant blisters on both feet that were crying out, so it was back to the hostel to rest, put my feet up and hope I could walk the next day.

3 thoughts on “London on a Sunday

  1. I’m moving to London shortly, so will be keeping this in mind if I don’t want to be around so many people! I’m an early riser so shouldn’t be too difficult!

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