Kensington Park and a Train to Scotland

What to do when you have blisters and sore feet at the beginning of a holiday? Well, if you are in London, you head to a park. Any park. Some sun, a good book, and a chair can help you while away a whole day.I grabbed a picnic lunch to go, headed to Kensington Gardens, and relaxed.

I love trains. A chance to relax, to get up and walk around, to enjoy some beautiful scenery, all while getting to another location.

London to Glasgow

Beautiful cities and bridges.


The train followed the coast in Scotland for awhile, which was stunning. What a great entrance.

At Glasgow, I switched stations, and caught another train to Stirling (about 30 minutes away). Checked into the hostel and checked out the town at night. A simple dinner, a pub quiz with new friends, and a bit of dancing. Looking forward to checking out more of this small town!

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